This site is about honoring extraordinary audio-visual experiences that make you feel something. Since most other sites and/or people have a strange taste, I founded this site to show the actual greatest achievements in gaming (aka my personal taste).

Everything on this world obviously is 100% subjective, still – if a game is just well made from start menu to the end credits – that is very rare already!

Usually you realize within in the first few seconds/minutes if it is or will be something truely remarkable.

Because either we haven’t played it or it doesn’t deserve to be listed here. Usually it’s the latter.

Because there is nothing more hilarious than scores. Is it a 8.5? Maybe a 9.1? No, it’s a 7.9!

We like well made games. That is our agenda.

The only thing you could accuse us of: We prefer shorter experiences because those are better and have no useless filler like most games out there.

We don’t with this project. You can’t make money without dumb clickbait content tailored to the mainstream. If you can, let us know! The only advertisement/link on here is an Amazon affiliate link where we would get a small percentage when you buy something.

Every review or opinion is just based on what someone personally likes. Here we like well made games. That capture you starting from the main menu to the end credits.

Usually we don’t. If we do, we don’t have a problem with it (because we award only the best of the best anyway) but most games we buy ourselves.

Sure! Usually we play most games and therefore have a good sense about the best experiences out there. But If you think there should be a game listed here, from the bottom of your heart (like, seriously?) – let us know!