“Kunst” is the german word for “art”.

This site is a curation of the most beautiful and best audio-visual experiences aka videogames. Since most other sites and/or people have a strange taste, I founded this site to show the actual greatest achievements in gaming (aka my personal taste).

Everything on this world obviously is 100% subjective, still – if a game is just well made from start menu to the end credits – that is very rare already!

Usually you realize within in the first few seconds/minutes if it is or will be something truely remarkable.

Me! Like everything on this world, taste and opinion is obviously purely subjective. My view is not more or less important or definitive than any other medium, view or person out there. Just because a majority has a specific viewpoint, doesn’t make it “better” or more “right”. 

I am Simon, living in the south of Germany. Get in contact if we should share some similar tastes.

Because either I haven’t played it or it doesn’t deserve to be listed here. Usually it’s the latter.

Because there is nothing more hilarious than scores. Is it a 8.5? Maybe a 9.1? No, it’s a 7.9!

Because usually (exceptions prove the rule as always) “older” games never were “more than just games” and just pure gameplay experiments. Over the time games became way “more” and actual “art” (whatever that might mean).

I play games since the late 80s and of course was fascinated then as a kid too. But it only started at around 2009, mainly with Uncharted 2 when games got on a whole new level.

I love well made games. That is my agenda.

The only thing you could accuse me of: In general I prefer shorter experiences because those are better and have no useless filler like most games out there. The perfect length, depending on the genre, is anything between 2 and 15 hours. Anything above most likely is way too long.

Usually you realize within the first seconds, or sometimes even in the game’s menu if the creators have some kind of eye and ear for aesthetics and quality.

Most creations on this planet are awful. This place is to honor the few outliers.

I don’t. You can’t make money without dumb clickbait or content in general tailored to the mainstream. If you can, let me know!

Usually I don’t. If I do, I don’t have a problem with it (because I award only the best of the best anyway).

Sure! Usually I play most games and therefore have a good sense about the best experiences out there. But If you think there should be a game listed here, from the bottom of your heart (like, seriously?) – let me know!